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Attic Insulation, Gutter Protection, and Roof Cleaning Services

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Attic Insulation from Owens Corning and Mark Kaufman Roofing

Attic Insulation

A great time to add attic insulation is when we are doing a reroof. It’s a simple process to take out a sheet of plywood to blow in the insulation while we are on the roof. Mark Kaufman Roofing is an FPL Participating Independent Contractor and can help determine if you’re eligible for a rebate.

Gutter Guards & Gutter Screens

Gutter Protection

Prevent clogged gutters and avoid the hassle of gutter maintenance with gutter protections systems installed by Mark Kaufman Roofing. While we do not install gutters, we do protect them by installing RHINO Gutter Guard systems. Dirty, clogged gutters can be more damaging than no gutters at all. Call Mark Kaufman Roofing for Gutter Protection.

Roof Tile Cleaning by Mark Kaufman Roofing

Roof Cleaning & Coating

Keeping your roof clean helps prevent the need for premature roof replacement. By having your roof regularly cleaned by a professional, any potential roof problems can be discovered early. Roof coatings provide an extra layer of protection on your roof surface, adding years of service life and reducing the amount of roofing materials sent to landfills.

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