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Insulating a Metal Roof and Why It’s Important

Insulation exists to slow and reduce the transfer of heat through various surfaces. Modern roofs are almost always insulated, and metal roofs are no different. A well insulated metal roof keeps your heating bills down in the winter and your AC bills down in the summer. So how are metal roofs insulated? Do you have any options to choose from? Keep reading to learn the basics about insulating metal roofs. (more…) Read more

Guide to Basic Home Exterior Maintenance

Most homeowners aim to be DIY professionals when it concerns their own home and money. However, the reality of home improvement is that most of the work will be beyond your expertise and the tools and materials may not be available to you. If you plan on putting in the work and maintaining your home by yourself, be aware of safety hazards and your own limits. (more…) Read more
natural elements to home include entegra roof tiles

Incorporating Natural Elements Into Your Home’s Exterior

Natural Elements for Your Home When it comes to home exterior and landscaping, bold and colorful finishes are being overtaken by people wanting a subtle, natural look for their Venice home. This effect is simple to achieve with a little planning, and affords a great deal of flexibility when organizing regular care. The largest fixture on your property - your home - will have the greatest impact on the overall aesthetic. (more…) Read more

Adding Autumn Color to Your House and Yard

The fall season has arrived. Even though the area around Sarasota does not get the changing leaves of the north, the cooler winds of autumn do start to tame the hot Florida summers. Now is the perfect time to add some autumn color to your yard and to the outside of your home. (more…) Read more

Clean Those Fall Leaves Up Quicker with These 4 Tips!

If you have large trees in your Sarasota yard, then your trees are likely filled with color and your lawn is likely filled with leaves. Raking and clearing those leaves does not have to take all day; there are simple tricks and tips that can help you clean up quicker so that you can enjoy the cool days of fall. (more…) Read more

A Gutter System is More than Just Gutters

One of the best ways to keep the roof on your North Port or Sarasota area home in great condition is to make sure your gutters are in good condition. A properly installed gutter system will reduce the chance of leaks and other problems that can cause costly damage to your home. It is important to realize that a gutter system is more than just a few lengths of gutter material attached to your home. (more…) Read more