Flat Roof Repairs You Need To Fix ASAP

Flat Roof Repairs You Need To Fix ASAP

Flat Roof Repairs You Need To Fix ASAP Flat roofs are relatively common here in Florida, especially for commercial buildings.

If your home or building has a flat roof, then you’ll want to make sure that you have it inspected regularly, especially following hurricane season, which can often cause a lot of wear and tear.

Problems that Require Immediate Flat Roof Repair

The following are a few issues that your flat roof could potentially experience that would require immediate flat roof repair:

  • Puddling water – Pooling water is more common on flat roofs than it is on sloped roofs since rainwater can just slide right off of a sloped roof. On a flat roof, sometimes there’s nowhere to go. Flat roofs are built so water will slowly direct towards a draining system. While most water will evaporate or make it to the drain, water can pool on your roof as a result of heavy rainfall (such as during hurricane season) and any divots and dips that exist in your roof. You should check for pooling water after such rainfall as you may need to have it manually removed. Otherwise, the water could start seeping into the roof, potentially causing leaks that result in major water damage.


  • Cracks in the roof – As a result of being flat instead of sloped, there’s more pressure being exerted on a flat roof. This can sometimes cause cracks to form in the roof. If you notice any cracks in the roof, you’ll want to have them repaired right away. Cracks will only get worse the longer they’re ignored and they will not only leave your roof vulnerable to leaks, but they could end up compromising the structural integrity of your roof.


  • Separated flashing – The flashing on your roof helps to prevent leaks where the roof meets certain components, such as chimneys or vents. Flat roofs will expand and contract as the temperature changes over time, which can sometimes cause the flashing to pull away from your roof, leading to potential leaks. If your flashing has separated, you’ll want to have it fixed right away.


While these are some of the more serious problems that require flat roof repair, it’s worth noting that you should never put off repairs, even if you think your flat roof only has minor issues. What might seem like a minor issue could be a sign of an even bigger problem — or could worsen the longer it’s left unaddressed. To schedule a flat roof repair service in North Port, FL, be sure to contact us at Mark Kaufman Roofing today.

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