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Why Mark Kaufman Roofing Is Crushing On Clay

Why Mark Kaufman Roofing Is Crushing On Clay

Why Mark Kaufman Roofing Is Crushing On Clay

Clay tiles have been used for roof applications for homes and other structures for thousands of years. (more…) Read more
Key Areas Repair

Key Areas Your Metal Roof Might Need Repair On

While metal roofs aren't quite as popular as other types of roofs, they are gaining in popularity. When you look at some of the advantages that metal roofs have, it's not difficult to understand why. Metal roofs are extremely durable and are known to last twice as long as other types of roofs. They also provide excellent reflectivity, which helps keep cooling costs down. However, just like every other type of roof, they do require metal roof repair and maintenance once ... Read more
Flat Roof Repairs You Need To Fix ASAP

Flat Roof Repairs You Need To Fix ASAP

Flat roofs are relatively common here in Florida, especially for commercial buildings. (more…) Read more
How roof leaks slowly suck your investment away

How Roof Leaks Slowly Suck Your Investment Away

What you can’t see, can hurt your home, especially when it comes to tiny leaks in your roof that you might not even be aware of. Or maybe you have seen signs that you might have a leak like a minor drip or water mark on your ceiling that you ignored because it didn’t think it was a big deal. But left unattended, that little leak could cost you big time as it slowly sucks the investment you have made in ... Read more
three reasons to repair small roof leads before rainy season

3 Reasons to Repair Small Roof Leaks Before Rainy Season

North Port, Florida is known for its beauty—and its crazy weather. Sure, the weather is nice and warm during much of the year, but when the rainy season settles in, there are often high winds, heavy rains, and flying debris to contend with. If you notice even a small leak in your roof, it’s best to repair that leak before the heavy rains hit. Here are three reasons why that’s the case. (more…) Read more

How Small Repairs Save Big Money on Shingle Roofs

When something is in need of minor repair, we often have a habit of just letting it go. However, this is the last thing you should do when it comes to your shingle roof. If you need shingle roof repair work, you should get it done immediately, no matter how minor the problem appears to be. (more…) Read more
Common Weather

Common Shingle Repairs From Florida’s Weather

There are an array of roofing issues you may come across as a homeowner during the lifetime of your roof, but some are more common than others. Sooner or later, any roof will need shingle roof repair, whether it comes from everyday wear and tear or weather damage in Florida. But there are several types of shingle roof repairs that happen more often than others. Don't wait too long on repairs, either, or you could end up with more damage and ... Read more
3 Actions Steps For A Leaky Roof

3 Actions Steps For A Leaky Roof

Any signs or indications of a roof leak - no matter how minor - should be addressed immediately. For one thing, irreversible structural damage may be set in motion already, requiring quick action to minimize total repair costs. Additionally, failure to move forward with a roof leak as soon as it's noticed could violate the terms of your homeowner's insurance policy, leaving you in the lurch when it's time for reimbursement. (more…) Read more
Priority Roof Repairs

Juggling Repairs? Start With The Roof

“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown,” Shakespeare’s Henry IV says. Your home’s crown is its roof, and without proper care, that crown can fail. Beneath the crown of your North Port home is, literally, everything else you own and hold dear. Neglecting roof repair in order to spend money elsewhere is seldom the wisest course. Without the regal crown of a water-resistant, sturdy roof safely keeping wind and water out, the rest of your home will suffer. (more…) Read more

Why Tile Roof Repairs Require Professional Roofers

Driving around North Port, we can see such a great variety of home styles, we feel glad to be living and working in this area of Florida. One roofing style that stands out, and feels so at home in the North Port area, is tile roofing. With a Spanish Tile or pan tile roof, homes radiate an earthy, cozy charm. Of course, with a tile roof comes the need for tile roof repair. When you find yourself faced with tile roof ... Read more
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