How to Tell if Your Roofing Project will be Tidy

How to Tell if Your Roofing Project will be Tidy

How to Tell if Your Roofing Project will be Tidy

You may have seen the somewhat snarky meme that says a neat house is a sign of a wasted life, but we at Mark Kaufman Roofing do not believe that. As the preeminent roofing contractors Sarasota homeowners have come to trust with roof repair and replacement, we pride ourselves on neat and tidy job sites. Why? It is efficient, safe, and it preserves home value.


Take the tools you use for everyday tasks — a pen, a pad of paper, an envelope — and scatter them around your house. How will you get a letter written and mailed? Not easily, and not efficiently. The sort of high-quality roofing contractors Sarasota property owners want for their projects keep neat job sites because they are efficient. All the tools are in a known spot; all the supplies are properly distributed. As old roofing materials come off a roof, a worker on the ground collects and disposes of them. No time or effort is wasted.


For roofing contractors, Sarasota homes can be safety hazards. With low-slope roofs in our area, moss and algae can make shingle roofs slippery. We have no need to add to safety concerns by casually littering the work area with materials. We keep outgoing materials where they belong (tossed to the ground for quick collection) and incoming, new materials within easy reach.
Metal — flashing, nails, drip edge and more — can be dangerous, too, so the kind of good roofing contractors Sarasota homeowners want working on their roofs will take pains to minimize stray metal.


Your landscaping adds curb appeal and value to your Sarasota-area home. When Mark Kaufman Roofing works on your roof, we protect your plants and lawn around your roof. The material comes off the roof during re-roofing. Even during small repairs, we take up old materials for disposal. Instead of simply throwing them to the ground, we keep those materials from landing in your lawn by using tarps and drop cloths. Afterwards, we use magnets to scour the ground for stray metal.

All of these job-tidying actions keep your home looking nice while the work is performed efficiently and safely. Among the many available roofing contractors, Sarasota homeowners will find Mark Kaufman near the top of anyone’s list for customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn all the ways we keep your home and property looking good while we work to repair or replace your roof.

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