Gutter Protection

gutter protection gutter guard
Prevent clogged gutters and avoid the hassle of gutter maintenance with gutter protection systems installed by Mark Kaufman Roofing. While we do not install gutters, we do protect them by installing RHINO Gutter Guard systems. A gutter protection system will keep your gutters from clogging, extending the life of your Sarasota area roof.



Gutter Protection with RHINO Gutter Guard

Manufactured in the United States, RHINO Gutter Guards are one of the most technologically advanced gutter protection systems on the market. Rhino gutter screening has a micron sized stainless steel mesh and slope that allows for greater self shedding of leaves and other debris, increasing the longevity of your gutter system. Adding a guard to your current gutters will create a boxlike structure giving your gutter greater strength as well. 

The Mark Kaufman Roofing team is trained in the correct installation of gutter protection systems. Contact us today to find out how adding gutter guards to your existing gutter system can extend the life of your gutters while keeping them free of leaves and other debris.