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Roof Cleaning & Coating

Tile roof after cleaning
Extend the life of your roof with Roof Cleaning

Keeping your Florida roof clean helps prevent the need for premature roof replacement. The accumulation of leaves, pine needles, or moss on your roof can cause the roofing materials to discolor or start breaking down, setting the stage for your roof’s decking to rot. Branches and other objects can puncture the roof’s surface leading to leaks or other issues. With regular roof cleaning by by a professional, potential roof problems can be discovered early or eliminated entirely.

A properly maintained, clean roof will last for years even under the constant Florida sun. We all know how the UV rays of the sun effect our skin, but did you realize that those same sun rays effect your roof? Asphalt composite shingles and membrane roofing systems are particularly vulnerable to the sun’s rays, which will cause their materials to break down. The Sarasota sun bakes and fades the colors and coatings of metal and tile roofing.

After Roof Cleaning, roof coatings provide an extra layer of protection on your roof surface, adding years of service life and reducing the amount of roofing materials sent to landfills. Roof coatings are available in a variety of colors to compliment your home.

For Roof Cleaning in Sarasota and North Port, talk to a Mark Kaufman Roofing specialist today. Discover how we can help you extend the life of your roof through roof cleaning and coating!


Gaco roof coating

GacoRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating

GacoRoof, a widely recognized silicone roofing system, is used for waterproofing and spray foam insulation solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial needs. As Gaco has a vast line of products, there is an option available for your individual needs that match your unique commercial roofing system.