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Shingle Roof Repair


Mark Kaufman Roofing is designed around you and your roof repair needs. We offer quick response times to your questions, calls and concerns. Remember you are our first priority and offering quick solutions to problems with your roofing is our main goal.

If your shingle roof needs repair, we understand that you need this done quickly and without large costs and hassles. At Mark Kaufman Roofing we understand how you want to be part of the process of your repair and we will take pictures and show you exactly what needs to be done and how. We repair all types of roofing and have experts who know how to handle difficult repairs within your budget.

With our upfront approach, you will not be disappointed. You will know what repairs need to be done and what the cost is and how we can save you money. We want to help you make informed decisions on your roofing matters. We care about our clients and our job sites are important to us. Our reputation is important because we leave nothing behind except quality repairs and happy clientele.

Our Expert Shingle Roof Repair Includes:

Damaged Shingle Roof

  • Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair
  • Flashing Repair
  • Vent Pipe Leak Repair
  • Leaky Skylights Repair and Replacement
  • Roof Valley Leak Repair
  • Rotted Wood Repair
  • Ridge Vent Problems
  • Chimney Repairs


We repair slipped or cracking shingles. We professionally remove exposed nails and replace shingles. If your shingles were not installed properly we can work with your budget to repair this so they are properly installed. We repair shingles that have missing tabs or water damage. If your skylight needs sealant, is leaking, or broken, we can also replace and repair your skylight . Do not hesitate to call if you need these repairs. Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing today for your professional estimate and see the difference in our customer service and our quality shingle roof repair work.


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