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Solar Roof Installation

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Mark Kaufman Roofing has partnered with one of the most reputable and respected solar companies in the state, to install Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Solar Systems. Photovoltaic panels are installed for the conversion of thermal energy into electricity, while solar panels convert solar radiation into heat.

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  • We offer complimentary solar designs along with every roofing estimate upon request.
  • Call our office to set an appointment for a free solar design
  • “You may be able to replace your current electric bill and prevent rising electricity rates that historically rise over 4% every year”
  • Buy your power at a set cost and stop worrying about your electric bill continuously rising.
  • Many of our clients can install a new roof, and solar on their home for nearly the cost of their current electric bill.

  • “Go Green”


This partnership shares the values of providing “highest quality workmanship, warranties and our personal commitment to a “Job well done”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will my utility bill be?
Your solar provider cannot guarantee what your bill from the utility company will be after going solar. The bill will depend on the amount of energy you use from the grid after your solar production is subtracted, which was presented to you as an estimate based on your usage from the previous year.
Can HOA's prevent me from installing Solar Panels?
HOA laws preventing HOA’s from denying install of solar on roofs (Florida Statute 163.04)
Will there be Tax Credits Available?
For the year 2022, Tax Credits on your Solar Roof will be 30%
Will I receive a bill from the utility company?
Yes. You will continue receiving a bill from your utility company for basic service and any power needs not supplied by your solar system.
Can I finance my system?
We offer Financing rates starting at 1.99% for 25 years and 12 months interest/payment free
What maintenance is there with Solar Panels?
Solar Panels normally requires no maintenance. In certain dry climates, the solar panels may need to be hosed down occasionally to remove dust for optimal performance.
What happens to solar panels when it’s cloudy or raining?
Solar panels will still work even when the light is reflected or partially blocked by clouds. Rain actually helps to keep your panels operating efficiently by washing away any dust or dirt.
What is net metering?
With a net metering program, your utility credits you for any energy your solar system produces that you don’t use – your meter will spin backwards and build a “bank” of those credits. If you use more energy than your solar system produces, you pay the utility for that energy.

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If you’re interested in learning more about what you need to know when it comes to Solar Roofing & Energy Efficiency, check out our blog post: Solar Roofing & Energy Efficiency (What You Need to Know). The unique racking system, which flashes to a roof to ensure a leak-free experience, is both attractive and efficient. If you are interested in a Photovoltaic Solar Roof for your home, or if you would like to learn more contact Mark Kaufman Roofing.

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